Index with all of the player characters and npc's, as well as links to individual pages.

Active charactersEdit

Character Archetype Player
Verne  civilian NJW2000
Sifeebt  Roa Deathless syvarris
Bargthor-47 Engineheart Devastator
A nameless corpse Thoughtful Corpse Ozarck
Joshua Abraham Darvaza Dau-de-Daleth Ascetic Radio Controlled
Engi  Engineer Gentlefish
Vokun Kaaz  Quiet Man Rautherdir

Muffin {formerly PanzerWaffel Ausf. D}

Engineheart Pancaek
Jakie 'Razor-blade' Rede tunnel Dweller The Lupanian
'Coinflip' Reyes Quiet Man Egan_BW

Inactive charactersEdit

Character Archetype Player
Tarrek  Mole Monk Whisperling
Joe Dire Zebol Manhunter Parisbre56
Thumonic Oceolic engineer Egan_BW
Oo thoughtful Corpse AoshimaMichio
Rast E. Bookit Engineheart adwarf
Sandra Sanddancer Worm driver Aigre Excalibur
Tommy Faber Engineer Midnight Jaguar
Deira Worm Driver Sialia

Dead charactersEdit

Character Archetype Player Cause of death
Tony Vermis  Worm Driver Midnight Jaguar

Driven insane by beasts from the Deep Sea. Dismembered by teammates

Maurice Mole Man Egan_BW Combat in the Deep.

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