This is where you will find information on the current expedition or events going on. So at least you'll know what it is that's killing you.

There's also info on the available expeditions so that you have an idea about what might kill you next.

Available expeditionsEdit

Relic Vision for Anvil ChurchEdit

There is some work that might be done for the local church in Anvil. A shrine has been assembled recently and will need to be tested. The Delver responsible was looking for Pious and adventurous folk to test it first.[1] The expedition will be a minor communion completed with a minor relic. They want you to draw out the core, both as a test that the shrine works and to gain the core. They need 8 people, its what the shrine holds.[2] Pay is 1000 Fathoms to be divided among the participants.


  • AsHul (Ozarck) [expedition leader]
  • Alex Wells (Hotfire90)
  • Clate (Pancaek)
  • Drett Medizin (Gentlefish)
  • Auft (Ironyowl)
  • Iron Teeth (Auft's slave)
  • Nyw'geuk Olim Sunam (syvarris)
  • Schitter (Yottawhat)

Pending MattersEdit

  • Could we ask free use of the shrine to be one of our rewards?
  • Why do we need to test the shrine? What could go wrong if the shrine isn't built right?

Traveller's Guild Artifact RetrievalEdit

A contract received from the Traveller's Guild. It details the recovery of a relic from a nearby ruin. It states that the relic remains unrecovered because of "Local hazards."[3] The man clarifies very little about what "Local Hazards" means, stating only that the hazards are living creatures. He seems to pause when he says living through, as though trying to think of a better way to put it.[4] (My guess is undead.)

Pending MattersEdit

  • What will we be paid?
  • Does this also count as our initiations to the Traveller's Guild? Beceause joining the guild requires retrieving an artifact with their knowledge.[4]
  • If this is an initiation, we should ask what benefits and obligations are attached to membership.

Pilgrim Transportation from Anvil to God's Breath CavernsEdit

There's a small group of pilgrims who want transport down to the God's Breath Caverns. They're offering 30 fathoms a head, for 12 of them (total 360 fathoms).[5] Regular crew quarters are enough for the pilgrims. [6]

Will most likely be merged with #Cargo Transport from Goldshore to Anvil.

Pending MattersEdit

  • God's Breath caverns are pretty large. Do they simply want us to leave them at the beginning of the cavern or deeper down?
  • Maybe we should make sure they have the money. This isn't a charity.

Cargo Transport from Goldshore to AnvilEdit

There's a jeweler who needs materials picked up from Goldshore and his normal transporter has up and vanished.[5] The actual amount of cargo is quite small, 3 crates, but each is worth thousands of fathoms. His payment is 200 fathoms each, up to 10 people (total 2000 fathoms).[6]

Will most likely be merged with #Pilgrim Transportation from Anvil to God's Breath Caverns


  • Adam Blavatsky Darvaza (Radio Controlled) [expedition leader]
  • Vikkan Laerthe (Caellath) [driver]
  • Kara (parisbre56)
  • Wiellste (Egan BW)
  • Harmony Li (The Lupanian)
  • Aigresaur (Aigre Excalibur) - bolded action to accompany Adam on his next adventure
  • Kalagony (randomgenericusername)
  • Cara (Tiruin)
  • Garos (Praefectus Screptum)
  • Lan’Ra Ollin (Leodanny)

Pending MattersEdit

  • Have the materials already been paid for? Or will we also be required to carry the payment for them?
  • Will we be paid upon return to Anvil?
  • This is a journey to the other side of the Local Area and back. That means we need to make sure we have enough money to refuel along the way.


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