This is where you will find information on the current expedition or events going on. So at least you'll know what it is that's killing you.

Spidergoo cavern Edit

After finding an underground river and following it (manually for some) we encountered a large cavern with a strange goo on the ceiling. From here crystal balls were lowered that, upon hitting them, gave of a loud ear-piercing brain-damaging sound. We're not sure yet what what this sound is, but the current leading theory is that it's the sound of your mom.

Tony got his brain turned to mush by one of these and proceeded to get possessed. We killed him again though, shanked him to death. It turned out these balls were filled with lesser deep sea entities who were capable of spawning a stone sea urchin monster, but before it could do much it got blown the hell up by Muffin and Engie using the bore's cannons.

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