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Welcome to the Dig WikiEdit

This is the wiki for the forum game Dig, hosted on the bay12 forum and run by Piecewise. Here we gather all the information in one place to save you the trouble of always having to search for it (and save PW the bother of repeating it). For that, we'll need your help!

You can find the OOC thread here, and the main game thread here. You can often find players hanging out on the IRC channel, also accessible with the mibbit web client. Discussion is real-time and not always directly DIG-related. Logs for the IRC chat can be found here , though note that it is often down these days and not logging.

It could be a good idea to read the Guidelines for Editing before starting your wild editing spree.

Main pagesEdit

Expedition information Edit

  • Current Expedition/event: all you need to know about the current expedition or on-bore event goes here.
  • Captain's Log: information of past expeditions and events, as well as the latest version of the map.

OOC information Edit

  • New Player Guide: guide for new players: what to do first, how to make your character, what you should minimally know.
  • Rules and Game Mechanics: all the rules and game mechanics explained, including those not in the original ruleset.
  • Character Index: List of all player characters, living and dead, along with basic information about them and links to in-depth profiles.

In-game information Edit

  • The Bore: Information on the bore and its facilities.
  • Armory: list of all the items one can build or find, from weapons to drugs to augments, and their crafting recipes.
  • Tinker: for all your building and crafting needs. Including what tags materials get.
  • Monster Menagerie: cataloging all of the strange and otherwordly creatures and tribes we encounter.
  • The Deep Sea: experience the wonders of the abyss.

Latest activityEdit

Drill NAV

The Bore, drilling its way to fame and fortune. Image courtesy of NAV.

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