wearing a nice suit and glasses, and keeping well groomed gives Jakie a rather slick appearance. She has a very no-nonsense personality, and speaks with a slight tunnel accent. She comes of as very cold, with calculating and emotionless eyes that remind one of a reptile. She is missing her left index finger


Jakie Rede was born in a little tunnel town right outside the city. Jakie didn't like the lack of opportunity, so she made her own, in the booze business. Being as how these "operations" weren't entirely legal, Jakie learned how to protect her interests when the need arose, and the need arose often. But, getting too greedy, Jakie lost control of her turf, was muscled out and forced to skip town. Now, down on her luck, she wants to explore, see the world, and maybe find a nice place to set up a new "operation"


30/300 ("Ruthless Fury" sacrifice 10 points in mind for +20 to blast of fight)


Pistol (4d6 [4-24]) Knife (3d6 [3-18]) - on loan from Nameless Magic "T"

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