Male, 30 years old Styling himself as ‘Emperor of the Deep’, Joshua is ever so slightly unhinged at times. 


  • Eye Disk (3d6)
  • Priest’s Beadchain (5d4)
  • Pistol (4d6)
  • Lvl.3 deep sea remains (Weird 2/Deep 3/shiny 4)
  • Human heart (Organic 5/transmitting 3)
  • Lvl. 3 deep sea balls (1 in deep sea, 4 in real world) (deep 2/smooth 4/Organic 4)


'Mental Fortress' (60/400) take half damage in the deep sea but only do half damage as well.


Trying to build a Depth drive. Still requires:

  • Mechanical 5
    • example by pw: Ok, on our sliding scale of tags, most of the time 1-5 are mundane, 6-10 are super natural, or at least above the capacity of mankind in general. So mechanical 5 would be something that is extremely mechanically complex, but still within the realm of human manufacture. At this tech level. An engine heart, for instance, would be like a 6. Diesel gauntlets could be a 5.  
  • deep 5 =>can be replaced by deep 3 for a +5 bonus instead of +10 (item can be reforged with a deep 5 item to get the full bonus later on)
  • weird 2
  • organic 4
  • flexible 3

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