Hello there fresh meat and welcome to Dig!

Here you will find all the information needed to create a new character and begin playing Dig. You could start by taking a look at the original ruleset. This contains most the basic information needed to play the game, though a step-by-step guide on how to get started will be detailed below. Further info about mechanics and the setting can be found on various parts of the wiki.

Creating a new character Edit

  1. First choose an Archetype (see info below). There are 10 standard archetypes to choose from, as well as 1 freeform option. These give different bonuses to your attributes and starting gear, and in some cases have special effects (such as for the engineheart).
  2. Distribute 400 points among the possible Abilities. No more than 80 in any single ability to start with, though this can go higher in combination with archetype bonuses. All Abilities start at 0.
  3. Distribute 100 points among the two Attributes. You cannot level up knowledge, so don't ut any points into it. Both attributesstart at 0.
  4. Fill in your character information such as name, background and appearance. Note that some archetypes allow for unusual appearances, so take this into account.
  5. Post your character sheet in the IC thread.
  6. Your character starts in the bore's crew quarters on the 4th level of the bore.
  7. That's it, you can now start posting actions and gallop full speed to you messy death!



Click 'expand' to see all of the archetypes and their effects

Tunnel Dweller Edit

Former resident of the squalid settlements that sprung up in the old bore tunnels around the great cities. Considered by most to be inbred hicks or superstitious lichen farmers, Tunnel Dwellers are a hard, no nonsense lot. A life of constant danger and scarcity has made them joyless and annoyingly practical, completely lacking in any sort of social tact. A Tunnel Dweller challenged to a fist fight at a bar will shoot his opponent and then order his next drink on the dead man’s tab.  Starts with +5 to Endure, +5 to Dodge, and Pistol

Dau-de-Daleth Ascetic Edit

The Ascetics of Dau-de-Daleth were the first humans to enter the Deep Sea after discovering naturally occurring Eye Disks near one of their retreats. Their discovery quickly spread to the rest of the Great Cities, but few threw themselves into the new realm with the kind of suicidal zeal that the Ascetics did. The Ascetics had always believed in escaping the mundane world and entering realms of ethereal truth, and the fact that such places were absurdly dangerous didn’t seem to matter to them one bit.  Ascetics tend to be short lived, perishing either to threats in the Deep Sea or dangers that transubstantiate themselves into our world. Those that do manage to live to any kind of old age are considered to be the greatest Divers in all of humankind. The Ascetics are unfortunately prone to often indecipherable mysticism and religious posturing that can make dealing with them difficult. Starts with an Eye Disk, Priest’s Beadchain, and +10 Transcend.

Engineer Edit

In the underground there are few machines of any real complexity that are not, at least marginally, alive. The interactions with the Deep Sea that cause this are complex and often poorly understood or wrapped in religious dogma, so Engineers take a practical approach. Why a thing gains life or properties beyond the mundane is not something to ponder with grandiose metaphysical posturing, it's something to understand via repeated experimentation and deconstructions. Why something happens is utterly unimportant so long as it is able to be repeated and utilized. Most come from the Mechanist communes in Shamur, where years of brute force and practice have left them callused and scarred by fire and electricity. They have no patience for the metaphysical beyond what they can tinker on. Starts with Build +10 and Cleaver.

Thoughtful Corpse Edit

In certain places, particularly Roa, the practice of reanimating corpses is common and widely accepted. These servitors are hives of simple creatures like Sparks or Cinder-flies that are captured en masse from the shallows of the Deep Sea. They are mindless organic automata, performing actions as ordered with no regard for themselves or anything that gets in the way of their task. Useful workers and grunts, but nothing more. On rare occasions one of these reanimated corpses is more than a brainless slave, instead it seems to be inhabited by a greater creature from the depths, or perhaps a long lost human mind. These beings are called Thoughtful Corpses and their motivations and desires vary as widely as their physical forms. Because they can appear in any corpse or even artificially constructed bodies, it is not uncommon for them to take inhuman forms.  Starts with +10 Recover and a Knife.

Former Soldier Edit

Full war between the Great Cities is rare, but conflicts over land and resources are near constant, with skirmishes taking place in far flung caves and crevices.  The Cities have no shortage of desperate slum dwellers willing to risk their lives in search of honor and fortune on the battlefield, though few ever find either. Those that don’t end up in the meat grinder of territorial disputes often find themselves pitted against enormous cave creatures or the incessant invasion attempts of sentient spiders. Any soldier which survive till the end of his enlistment is either a skilled fighter or blessed with an overabundance of luck. Starts with +5 in Blast and Fight and a Rifle.

Mole Monk Edit

Mankind shares its underground domain with many other creatures, but it is only the Moles that it has managed to form a lasting friendship with. The Moles are a bipedal race with gorilla-like proportions: huge and muscular arms, stumpy legs, and a dense barrel shaped torso. Their arms end in massive paws and huge digging claws, and their head is a long tear drop shaped muzzle with powerful jaws, a constantly sniffing nose, and almost non-existent eyes.  The moles live in scattered tunnel mazes and the intricacies of their society are still largely unknown to mankind, mostly due to the fact that the Moles are quite secretive. The only Moles that readily leave their tunnels and integrate into human society are the Martial Monks who study the Deep Sea. Powerful hand to hand fighters, they view the Deep Sea as a tool, something to study and master, not a spiritual realm. The Ascetics and the Mole Monks have a long standing rivalry.  Starts with an Eye Disk, +5 to fight and transcend, and their natural claw weapon.

Zebol Manhunter Edit

Zebol is a strict, authoritarian city ruled by the council of Lawkeepers. Zebol’s laws are many and complex, with extreme punishments handed out for even minor infractions. The manhunters of Zebol are highly skilled trackers and combatants, tasked with hunting down and capturing those that would flee from the authority of the Lawkeepers. Those that leave Zebol always do so for a purpose, always on the hunt for a particular criminal. They have a hardline, black and white view of morality, but will do whatever then need to do to get their target. Starts with +10 to Find and a Mancatcher (5d4).

Worm Driver Edit

In the early days of the Underground, before the creation of the Stone Bores, mankind domesticated the giant worms that wriggled through stone. He used them for everything from excavation to food and chances are that without them, humanity would have quickly perished beneath the earth. Machines and large scale farming have replaced the worms in the Great Cities, but outside their walls the worm retains its vast importance in both tradition and practical use. Worm Drivers are the ranchers, shepherds and riders of Worms; in larger communities they are valued as important workmen, but in smaller towns where the old traditions still hold, they take on a mythic importance. Festooned with talismans and religious symbols they commune with and guide the beasts that allow the settlement to continue to exist. The Drivers are experts in controlling almost any vehicle or creature, and seem to understand how to pilot even the most complex of machines by instinct alone. Starts with +10 Control and a pistol.

Engineheart Edit

Shamur’s Mechanist communes create countless useless, semi-living machines as a result of the tinkering that goes on there. Occasionally however, an apprentice will accidentally create a fully sapient machine. These machines, called Enginehearts, are almost always modeled after some kind of animal or person, though odd chimeric versions exist as well. Despite their best efforts, the Mechanists have never managed to figure out exactly how the Enginehearts are created. Enginehearts are often quiet eccentric, behaving in distinctly inhuman ways that can unnerve others. Being mechanical in nature they are more hardy than living organisms but they also don’t have a mind in the same way humans do. Starts with +10 Endure, pistol, and cannot be resurrected, made into a ghost or anything similar. Immune to direct Deep Sea effects.

Quiet Man Edit

A Quiet Man (Or Hushed Lady) is the colloquial name given to any man from Zebol that makes his living doing secretive and illegal things, often on the orders of Zebol’s rulers or elite. Assassins, thieves, smugglers, and spies, quiet men are not to be underestimated and definitely not to be trusted. Whenever the leave Zebol, they do so with a purpose, with some mission to carry out. And they will not stop until it is completed. Starts with +10 Hide and a knife.

Roa Deathless Edit

The Roa Deathless are the elite infantry of the Roan army, renowned for their swordplay and ruthlessness. They gain their name from the fact that any member that dies is quickly revived into their repaired body by the skilled Roan resurrectionists. This continues until the soldier’s body, or mind, is irreparably broken. The Deathless that manage to leave the service are usually horribly scarred and wear concealing clothing and masks to hide their disfigurement. They are feared both for their appearance and the skills they learned via countless battles and deaths.  Starts with Deathless Sabre and +10 to fight.    

Civilian Edit

The spreading empires of man are large and complex, filled with millions of individuals with varied beliefs and desires. From back alleys to the highest noble circles come men and women seeking adventure. Who can say what kind of weirdo will end up around here? +10 to any single ability and either a knife or pistol.


Click 'expand' to see all of the abilities and their uses

  • Blast: Fire arms, ranged weapons, explosives.
  • Fight: Melee weapons, Unarmed.
  • Dodge: Defensive melee and effects that can be consciously avoided
  • Cover: Defensive ranged and effects that cannot be consciously avoided
  • Endure: Resistance deleterious effects, stamina, and ability to wear armor.
  • Move: Climb, acrobatics, running
  • Hide: Stealth, evasion, disguise
  • Find: Search, track, notice, perceive
  • Transcend: Project mind, interact with preternatural
  • Recover: Healing, regeneration, endurance
  • Build: Upgrade, repair, construct, use objects and technology, Medical
  • Control: pilot, ride, drive


Click 'expand' to see both of the attributes and their effects

  • Body: Hit points, size, mass, physical damage capacity. Damage reduces Body, and if reduced to zero the body dies. Complete destruction requires the creature to take x2 its Body stat worth of damage, otherwise a corpse or at least part of one is left behind.
  • Mind: Mental hit points, strength of will, complexity of personality, power in the Deep Sea. If reduced to zero, the mind is completely erased or superseded and is lost forever.
  • Knowledge: Mental currency and accumulated oddities used for creating special techniques and abilities. In order to gather knowledge, a player must declare that they are gathering knowledge for a particular purpose, and work out with the gm what that technique will entail and how much knowledge is needed. Discovering new things, exploring, learning and experiencing will grant that player knowledge, which they will accumulate until they have enough to complete their task. Knowledge can NOT be transfered from one player to another.

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