This is the page where we collect all of the information about the Bore, our home away from home. Bores or Tunnel Bores are large mechanical vehicles designed to bore holes through stone. Usually a metal body with four to eight mechanical legs and a large drill. There are multiple varieties, focused for combat, exploration, and industrial usage.

The Bore, much lie a player character, has its own set of stats. These are rolled against when players want the bore to do something. The bore can be told to do things and will act automatically or it can be driven manually. When driven manually, the character’s Vehicle skill for the Bore is added to the bore’s roll. The Bore levels up through upgrades, either player made or bought. 

  • Power: Connected to the furnace and boiler.  Rolled against attempts to overwhelm or push through things.
  • Mobility: Connected to the Bore’s legs. Used for maneuvering and quick movement.  
  • System: The mind of the machine, connected to the clockwork brain of the machine.  Used for automated actions and aiming. 
  • Integrity: Connected to the metal skeleton and plate of the machine. Used to prevent damage.
  • Penetration: Connected to the drill. Its ability to drill through different materials.

The bore we chose at the start of the game is the Nomad Bore. An oversized and outdated Bore formerly used by trading caravans. Its systems are outdated and its boiler isn’t the best, but its powerful drill and expertly tuned mobility systems allow it to get just about anywhere. 

  • Power: 8
  • Mobility: 14
  • System: 6
  • Integrity: 10
  • Penetration: 12
  • 15 Open Rooms