The warehouse is a large metal building located in the human town of Anvil. It is The Bore's home base and where it is usually docked if it's not out in the underworld doing something.

On this page we'll keep track of our warehouse and its facilities, as well as the communal pool of stuff we own.

Team Fund Edit

Warehouse storage Edit

  • 19 corpses
  • 4 ethral rifles (pierce 2, 10 shots)
  • 3 knives of various kinds (Cut/Pierce 2)
  • 1 revolver (identical stats to Lucky Shot revolve but only 6 shots)
  • 0 soldier chestplates
  • 2 dynamo lanterns
  • doctor's bag
  • 4 slave traps
  • 4 worm blood
  • 11 bomb collars
  • 168 fathoms (on AsHul's person in the Shrine rather than loose in the warehouse.)

Bore Storage Edit

  • 5 ethral rifles (pierce 2, 10 shots)
  • 2 dynamo lanterns
  • 5 worm blood (2 taken by Kara)
  • 100 feet of silk rope (100 ft taken by Kara)
  • 1 tnt.
  • 196 fathoms
    • 4 fathoms were taken from fund for paying toll.

The WarehouseEdit

The warehouse we own, formerly owned by the gangsters that tried to enslave us. Still a little run down after the Chruch got done with it, but nothing that can't be fixed. The damage requires 20 structural junk to fix.[1]

The warehouse has oil lamps connected to the town's supply but they're all off at the moment. Pretty dark in here but with doors open you can see enough.[2]

There is a manager's room, a rather small room with open holes in the wall for windows. It's on the ground floor, not up in the rafters.[1]

Concerning security, it's as secure as any metal building with a padlock. Someone with the desire to break in who happened to have a pair of bolt cutters could do so. But it doesn't look like a particularly good target for robbery so sticking a bunch of security on it might just draw more attention. Up to you and what you intend to do with it and store there.[1]

Currently holds the following:

  • a forklift
  • some crates
  • scrap metal
  • general warehouse gubbins
  • One Small Smelter
  • One Gold Bush


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