This page will hold a list of materials and what tags these get, as well as general tinker/designing/crafting information and tips.

Common Materials Edit

Human Body Edit

  • Skin: Structural 1-organic 1
  • Muscle: Organic 2-elastic-1
  • Bone: Structural-2 organic 2
  • Blood: Chemical 2-organic 1
  • Veins and arteries: Transmitting 1-organic 2
  • Bile: Chemical 3-organic 2
  • Viscera (stomach, liver, kidneys, etc): Organic 3
  • Nerves: Transmitting 3-organic 4
  • Brain: Organic 5-intelligent 5
  • Heart: Organic 5-transmitting 3
  • Organs of sense: Sensing 3-organic 4
  • Adrenal and other glands: Chemical 3-organic 3

Unique Materials Edit

  • Crystal Hive Sphere [deep 1-weird 3-structural 7-energy 4-shiny 2- Living 1]
  • Stone Urchin rocks [Heavy 7-smooth 3-projectile 4-weird 1]
  • Fragments of a Deep-sea Creature [Weird 2-Deep 3-shiny 4]

Current Inventory Edit

  • 1 Crystal Hive sphere
  • An unspecified number of Stone Urchin rocks (owned by Verne)
  • An unspecified number of Deep-sea fragments (owned by Joshua)
  • Tony Vermis's body (Missing a hand and some bones.)
  • Tony Vermis' head.

Tags Edit

Abrasive: Something that grinds or corrodes away. Higher numbers are more abrasive.

Chemical: a substance that reacts in specific ways with other things or causes certain reactions. A general catch all for many things. Higher numbers are rarer.

Containing: An object which can contain something. Higher numbers indicate it can contain more violent or escape prone things.

Deep: An object that is connected to the deep sea. The deeper it comes from, the more connected it is, and thus the higher the number.

Elastic: Something that can be deformed and then springs back into shape. Higher numbers mean that they can be deformed in more exaggerated ways while still returning.

Energy: A material that can be used to produce energy. Higher numbers mean it produces more energy, generally more efficiently.

Explosive: Something that explodes. Higher numbers explode bigger.

Flammable: Something that burns more readily than most other things. Higher numbers mean it burns more easily and more powerfully.

Flexible: Something that bends or deforms without being destroyed. Greater numbers indicate a greater degree of flexibility.

Heavy: A measure of weight. If something weighs about as much as it should, this is 5. If it is significantly lighter it will be lower, or heavier will be higher.  Steel would be 5, lead would be higher, aluminum lower.

Intelligent: Something that is sapient. Higher numbers indicate a greater or more powerful mind.

Living: Something that is actively alive. Applies both to normal organic things and to living engines. Higher numbers indicate a greater force of life.

Marking: A material that stains, colors or otherwise marks things, like paint or ink. Higher numbers

Mechanical: A complex mechanical thing; greater numbers mean greater complexity.

Organic: Organic materials that come from flora or fauna. Higher levels tend to be rarer or more vital. A heart or brain is higher organic than a kidney, which is higher than some muscle.

Precious: Something that has a large monetary value. Higher numbers mean more value.

Projectile: An object which is able to be used as a projectile. Greater numbers mean they are more effective.

Protective: A material that can be used to protect against something. Higher numbers mean it is more protective.

Restorative: A material that can restore or repair something else. Lower numbers do not indicate lack of quality, just that the restorative effect is limited in what it will work on. A restorative that heals only human flesh will still be lower than one that can reverse the corrosion of any kind of metal.

Sensing: A material or object that senses and reacts to certain stimuli. Higher numbers are more sensitive or react to more stimuli

Sharp: A material or object that can easily cut other things. Higher numbers mean it is sharper.

Shiny: Something that is either reflective or gives off light, such as a well polished piece of metal or a floodlight. Higher numbers indicate a brighter, more dazzling shine.

Size: The physical size of something. The bigger the number, the bigger the object.

Smooth: A material that has very little friction. Both things like polished metal and lubricants would be under this heading. The higher the number the less friction it has.

Sticky: Something which binds things together. Glue, staples, and thread for stitches are all considered sticky. The more tightly it bonds, the greater the number.

Structural: Something that can be used as the structural substance of an object. Higher numbers are more robust.

Temperature: The temperature of an object. 5 is normal, with higher or lower being hotter or colder respectively.

Toxic: A material that is toxic or poisonous to living creatures. Higher numbers mean it is more toxic.

Transmitting: Something that is able to transfer information, energy or some sort of matter from one place to another. Glass windows, radio antennae, electric lines, water pipes. Higher numbers generally transport things better, such as transporting them faster, through otherwise insurmountable obstacles, or more things at once.

Weird: Something that is just freaking weird. Varies greatly, but higher numbers are generally weirder and rarer.

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