Personal InformationEdit


A young Ethral, no taller than 4 feet tall. Her fur is unpatterned and a milky white. Usually wears a rather plain quilted brown silk cloak, and a polished copper mask with symmetrical, spiraling lines etched on the sides.

Due to a recent injury, her voice seems to have become rougher, more gravely.[1]


Wiellste is like many Ethral in that she seeks to gather knowledge about the world before all else. Though being an Ethral from Knot, her skills are largely more on the practical building side than the scholarly side. She isn't particularly invested in the teachings of the Tenebrous Church, but the idea of the spheres intrigues her, especially Balarim, with it's writings and technology.


None, other than the fact that she's from Knot! How mysterious!

Notable EventsEdit

Expedition 1: Crystal people ruins West of MasonEdit

  • Got possessed during a dive to remove Nyw's collar [2] and had a creature try to come out of her mouth. [3]
  • Maybe she also did other stuff! Like come back from the dead! Who knows?